Saturday, August 2, 2008

World War II : Road to victory

Ever wanted to create history? If yes, here is your time. Matrix Games and IQ Software have announced the release of ther debut game, World War II : Road to victory. World War II : Road to victory is a strategy based game wherein the player can get the actual World War II experience. The battles are fought at places from France and Russia covering the Europe to the deserts of North Africa.

You can move your allies to your side to gain more power, concentrate on strengthening your combat units from airborne soldiers and armored divisions up to nuclear weapons, use resources to upgrade you arms and ammunition and a lot more. You have the choice of playing the game as a single nation or multiple nations to have the real experience. Historical leaders enhance the performance of your armies, strategically important events that seek your attention take place in the game from time to time. Your decisions in such issues decide the course of war. Amazing graphics and sound effects coupled with excellent gameplay make it a must play game for every strategy game enthusiast.