Sunday, December 7, 2008

Earn by designing logos - 99designs

Some days before I stumbled upon a cool site called 99designs. The site provides a platform to logo and graphic designers to showcase their work and earn money from it. The basic ideology is that a contest holder announces a contest and provides all the necessary information and background of his/her company or firm of which the logo is to be designed. The designers then submit their entries accordingly. Designers can submit any number of entries but they need to be relevant to the description provided by the contests holder. The winning entry is selected by the contest holder and is given the prize money. The site has tons of contests on different topics having different prize money. I have seen prize money as high as US $2000! Navigation on the site is very simple. To enter a contest, you just need to register on the site first and there you go! I have always been inclined to drawing and designing stuff so I tried my hand at a couple of contests. Not too lucky to win a contest till now though!

here's the link:


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